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Help For Food Cravings

Check out my video to help you with controlling food cravings. Maybe you are like I was and wondering, "Why do I eat too much?" It's not your fault! Many foods are addictive, especially those containing high sugar, high fat, high carbs, and food with chemical additives. But those were my favorite foods! How do you avoid these tempting foods? Here are some tips. Curb your cravings by eating: lots of protein (generally 25-35 g per meal), carbs - mostly vegetables (30-40 g per day), and keep your fat intake to 35-50 g per day. These are generalizations. Be sure to check with your doctor or nutritionist to see what is right for you. Also important; don't skip meals, drink plenty of water (10-12 glasses per day), and get at least 7 hours of sleep per night. Our membership will support you in this. Check out our membership on the Services tab.

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