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Wednesday's Healthy Recipe

Part of recovering is knowing how to make healthy, low-calorie meals. Today's recipe is for Tacos: Start with 1 pound of lower fat hamburger or chicken browned, drain excess fat, add seasoning such as Old El'Passo's taco seasoning. Use corn tortilla's and be sure to check the label. Old El'Passo is a good brand and is fairly low in calories. Add 1/4 of the meat mixture into the taco shells, add lettuce, tomatos, and other veggies, and just a little cheese, if desired. Stay away from sour cream and other fattening ingredients. Sometimes adding salsa can give it that extra kick that some people like, without the calories. Again, check the label to make sure the sugar content is low. Just eat two and be sure to drink plenty of water. Being part of the Reshape and Recover membership can help with support and recipe ideas. Consider becoming a member today!

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Tony Kleinhans
Tony Kleinhans

Looks and sounds delicious! 🌮

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