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Saying No, Thank You!

The other day a co-worker left a cookie on my desk with a note that said it was gluten-free. It was his way of saying thank you for a job well done. When he pointed out the gift, I said "thank you so much! That was very thoughtful of you. I am gluten-free, but I'm also sugar-free." I then explained how I used to weigh 220 pounds and have given up sugar. I haven't had a cookie since before April 4, 2008. People are interested in my story and appreciate the sacrifice. I still express my gratitude for the gift but let them know I can't eat it. People understand and are not offended. Please remember that you can say "No, thank you" to food, be polite, and not hurt people's feelings. In this way, you can avoid the food gifts people intend for good, but that will hurt you. Hope this helps!

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