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Saturday Step: Step 10

Step 10 is a great maintenance step. We have already accepted that we are addicted to certain foods, know that we have a loving God who can help us, and turned our lives over to Him. Next, we were healed of past hurts in Steps 4-9 through inventory, forgiveness of others and ourselves, and made amends. We have already experienced the healing of these steps and feel free from the obsession. If you don't feel that freedom, go back and work the first nine steps again. The healing will come! Step 10 is a mini Steps 4-9 to keep us healthy and free from the obsession. Look at your day; do you need to forgive someone of a resentment? Do you need to make an amends? Do it quickly so you do not eat over it! Step 10 keeps us free from the food obsession and we can live peaceful, even joyful lives. I pray this miracle for all of you!

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