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Surviving Thanksgiving: Creating Healthy Meals

Surviving Thanksgiving: How do you eat healthy food at Thanksgiving? There are some healthy options to consider. Turkey is a healthy choice, as long as you don't add gravy or other sauces. Potatoes are fine too, as long as you avoid adding excessive toppings, although low-calorie options are available. Vegetables without sauces are also a good choice. Stuffing is subjective and depends on the person; perhaps a small amount will work for you. Only you know what you can handle. Most importantly, skip the sugary desserts. I have previously posted some low or no sugar options for dessert, or perhaps a special tea would be a fitting end to your dinner. The purpose of Thanksgiving is to give thanks to God. It's really not about the food anyway. Blessings to you on this special holiday! I pray you can be thankful and enjoy the blessings God has given you.

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Tony Kleinhans
Tony Kleinhans
Nov 22, 2023

Very helpful. Thank you!

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