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Eating Healthy Through Grief and Loss

Grief and loss is an unfortunate part of our lives here on earth. I recently lost a dear aunt and am remembering her with sadness and sweet memories. I remember her funny sense of humor, her engaging smile, and bright blue eyes that were like grandpa's. As we grieve the loss of loved ones, it is good to share memories, journal, pray, cry, and see a counselor, if needed. Sticking to my meal plan helps to keep me grounded in these sad times. I have learned that eating has never solved any of my problems or wiped away sadness. Any pleasure in overeating is short-lived and followed by more pain. As we work the 12 steps, we learn to deal with our emotions in a healthier way. This is a wonderful gift that abstinence from addictive binge foods can bring. The 12 Steps can work for you too.

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