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Emotional Eating

Are you annoyed, angry, worried, or upset about something and thinking about eating over it? Maybe you aren't aware that you're thinking about eating over it. Or perhaps you're just upset and eating is usually your go-to behavior. Maybe you are like I was. When you are upset there are other ways to deal with that. Here are just a few:

• Write down who/what you are angry with, what caused the anger/resentment, how it affected you, and your part in it. Sound familiar? This is step 4.

• Call your accountability partner and talk about it - but not for the purpose of gossip, but for resolution.

• Pray! Pray that God will release you from these feelings and keep you from overeating.

Sometimes life is hard and things don't go our way. Eating over it will only make things worse! Try one of the above - or better yet, all the above. God will bless the results!

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1 Comment

Tony Kleinhans
Tony Kleinhans
Nov 06, 2023

Accountability partners can be a great support and encouragement…especially when the cravings for sugar food start…prayer and mediation are also a helpful tools and resources to lean on when faced with temptations to eat sugar or to binge eat.

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