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Emotional Eating - Sadness

Sadness is a difficult emotion to deal with, and often people feel the need to eat when they feel sad. We know that endorphins are released when eating, which does make us feel better in the moment. That moment is short-lived though, and often followed by more sadness. There are better ways to deal with sadness. Exercise can also give you the endorphins needed to boost you out of the sadness. Crying also releases endorphins, so feel free to have a good cry. Talking with friends or family, journaling, or even seeing a counselor can be a good option. Remembering that eating has never solved a problem or made sadness go away long-term can be helpful in preventing a binge. At Reshape and Recover, we offer community support to help you when you are struggling. Consider joining today at  #christianweightloss #12steprecovery #weightlossjourney #mindfuleating

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