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Saturday Step

Step 8. We made a list of resentments and fears in Step 4. We typically find in this list some people we have hurt and need to make amends with. Sometimes, it's hard to see our part in our resentments and it's helpful to have an accountability partner or trusted friend to talk with to determine this list. Once the list is made, we pray for willingness to make amends. Often we have been badly hurt and it seems impossible to make amends, but we pray for this willingness. Pray every day and God will help you become willing with time. Praying to our Lord who has forgiven us much, and asks us to forgive others too. See Matthew 18:21-35, which illustrates the importance of forgiveness and mercy. What does Step 8 have to do with forgiveness? Often we need to forgive those people on our list before we can ask them to forgive us and make amends in Step 9.

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