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Saturday Step Work

The steps are such a big part of recovery from overeating, so I've decided to talk about a step each Saturday. Today's Step is Step One. Step one is about admitting the problem we have with food and accepting that we need to go to drastic measures that only God can see us through. The alcoholic must admit that they have a problem with alcohol and must commit to abstinence from alcohol. The overeater likewise needs to admit that they cannot stop eating certain foods and commit to avoiding those foods. Only then will they find recovery from overeating. There is a physical component to this disorder that has been scientifically proven - sugar is highly addictive. Eating our binge foods in moderation is not something that works for the true compulsive overeater.

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1 Comment

Tony Kleinhans
Tony Kleinhans
Oct 14, 2023

Step 1 is important. Admitting I can’t will this struggle away in my own strength…I need God’s help and power to overcome in all areas - especially in the area of sugar filled foods. Thank you Jesus for your help by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

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