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Step Two: Restoring Sanity

AA's Step Two says "Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity." As Christians, we believe that God (Father, Jesus Christ His Son, and Holy Spirit) is that higher power. As overeaters, we may not see that we need to be restored to sanity, but can we see that in regard to food, we have not been sane? Eating beyond what is healthy—knowing that it is hurting us and doing it anyway—is not sane. When it comes to our favorite binge foods, we have not been sane.

Praise God that He is a loving and forgiving God, full of Grace and ready to help us! This addiction is not our fault; our bodies have been affected by the sugar—but there is a solution. The 12 Steps help us accept our addiction, get God's help, and heal us from past hurts. All we need to do to find recovery is pray, work the 12 Steps, and seek support every day.

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