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Weekend Planning - Women's Expo

It's another Friday and this weekend will require lots of planning on my part. Since I will be at the Women's Expo in Phoenix, I will need to bring my own food. Something that won't spoil or need to be warmed up, but still healthy. I've got it all planned and will have it packed the night before. Just a bit of planning helps us stay away from our binge foods and keep us from overeating. Don't forget to get your free tickets. Check the comments below. Blessings on your weekend!

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Complimentary Tickets for my Clients & Guests *PRIVATE LINK!

You are invited to attend the Arizona Women’s Expo, courtesy of Reshape and Recover. We have been given the privilege to share this private link where you r guests ay access a Free Ticket to enjoy the Expo an amazing weekend of shopping and empowerment!

(Regular Priced Tickets are $10.00 and VIP Access Tickets are $30.00)

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