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Healthy Weekend Planning

Do you have your weekend planned? Planning your food with flexibility is key when going into the weekend. What is planning with flexibility? It means that you have a general plan of where you will going over the weekend and what food you will be eating, but can make substitutions when necessary due to plan changes. For instance, if you were planning a chicken dinner at home but errands take longer than you thought, perhaps chicken at Chipotle or another healthier place will work. Or perhaps tacos instead of chicken and potatoes. You may need a plan to stay away from chips at the taco place. Committing my food to my husband Tony helps me a lot. If you don't have a supportive spouse, committing your food to a trusted friend or accountability partner is an excellent alternative. Having a flexible plan can mean the difference between a healthy food weekend and a weekend of binging and stomach pain. Hoping your plans will bless you this weekend and always!

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