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How to Lose Weight

Hi, I'm Julie, founder of Reshape and Recover. If you've been following my content, you might be wondering how to turn recovery strategies into tangible weight loss results. It's all about finding motivation, isn't it? We all know the basics, like choosing an apple over a cookie, but staying motivated is key. In this video, I'll share practical tips to kickstart your weight loss journey. First, we'll discuss identifying and avoiding binge-trigger foods high in sugar and fat. Additionally, consulting with a doctor for a personalized meal plan can provide valuable guidance. For me, calorie counting, under medical supervision, was effective, but there are various methods to explore. Moreover, integrating the 12-step program into your routine addresses the deeper mental and spiritual aspects of overeating. This holistic approach has been transformative for many, including myself—I've successfully shed over 85 pounds! If you're ready to embark on your weight loss journey with support and guidance, visit for more resources and information. Let's achieve your goals together. Thank you for watching!

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