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Becoming Willing

How does a person become willing? Willing to do what it takes to finally take the weight off and keep it off. Honestly, everyone is different and has a unique experience. For some people, it's a health scare that makes them willing to do what it takes. Unhealthy eating and obesity cause so many other diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, stroke, cancer, and more. For some, they are just tired of not looking and feeling as good as they would like. For me it was a combination of health concerns and a desire to look and feel better. However, it wasn't until I realized that I was addicted to certain foods and would never be able to eat them in moderation that I was ready to abstain from my binge foods and learn to eat healthy. The 12 Steps were key in stopping the mental obsession and healing from past hurts. I'm so grateful for this program that saved my life!

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