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Still a Food Addict?

So, maybe you've been abstinent for a while and are thinking you have this problem beat. Think again! Remember the alcoholic who has often thought that same thing, only to have taken a drink and gotten drunk once again. Maybe you slipped and had one and nothing bad happened - you didn't overeat. Many people have gone through this same thought process and ended up right back where they were. It's not worth the risk. Afterall, you can live without your binge foods, but you can't live with compulsive overeating. Eventually this disorder will make you sick and possibly kill you if it goes unchecked. Treat your body like the temple it is and give praise God for this disorder because it has helped make you aware of your weaknesses and your need for God. Reshape and Recover can help keep you on track and never give up!

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Tony Kleinhans
Tony Kleinhans
05. Sept. 2023

A Christ-centered 12 step approach can be very helpful in overcoming destructive eating habits that fuel eating addictions. The Holy scriptures are full of encouragement and truths that help those with addictions overcome with the help and inspiration of the Holy Spirit!

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